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What you need to build JsSIP

You just need to have Node.js and Git.



How to build JsSIP

Clone a copy of the main JsSIP git repository by running:

$ git clone JsSIP
$ cd JsSIP

Install gulp-cli (>= 1.2.2) globally (which provides the gulp command):

$ npm install -g gulp-cli

(you can also use the local gulp executable located in node_modules/.bin/gulp).

Install the Node.js dependencies:

$ npm install

Finally, run gulp dist (or just gulp) to get:

  • dist/jssip.js: uncompressed version of JsSIP.
  • dist/jssip.min.js: compressed version of JsSIP.
$ gulp dist

Test units

$ gulp test


Changes in JsSIP Grammar

If you modify lib/Grammar.pegjs then you need to recompile it:

$ gulp devel
$ gulp dist