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mediasoup official demo application
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mediasoup-demo v3

A demo application of mediasoup v3.

Try it online at



  • Clone the project:
$ git clone
$ cd mediasoup-demo
$ git checkout v3
  • Set up the server:
$ cd server
$ npm install
  • Copy config.example.js as config.js and customize it for your scenario:
$ cp config.example.js config.js

NOTE: To be perfectly clear, "customize it for your scenario" is not something "optional". If you don't set proper values in config.js the application won't work.

  • Set up the browser app:
$ cd app
$ npm install

Run it locally

  • Run the Node.js server application in a terminal:
$ cd server
$ npm start
  • In a different terminal build and run the browser application:
$ cd app
$ npm start
  • Enjoy.

Deploy it in a server

  • Globally install gulp-cli NPM module (may need sudo):
$ npm install -g gulp-cli
  • Build the production ready browser application:
$ cd app
$ gulp dist
  • Upload the entire server folder to your server and make your web server (Apache, Nginx, etc) expose the server/public folder.

  • Edit your server/config.js with appropriate settings (listening IP/port, logging options, valid TLS certificate, etc).

  • Within your server, run the Node.js application by setting the DEBUG environment variable according to your needs (more info):

$ DEBUG="*mediasoup* *ERROR* *WARN*" node server.js
  • If you wish to run it as daemon/service you can use pm2 process manager. Or you can dockerize it among other options.

  • The Node.js application exposes an interactive terminal. When running as daemon (in background) the host administrator can connect to it by entering into the server folder and running:

$ npm run connect




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