A service which subscribes to TTN MQTT streams and forwards data to a database or API. Currently used to power our luftdaten.info LoRa project.
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A server that subscribes to many MQTT streams (or applications) on the TTN network and saves the (sensor) data into a MySQL or InfluxDB database. If enabled, it can redirect the sensor data to another HTTP API, example included.

Supports hot reloading. When an app was added or removed from the database, the service will subscribe to or unsubscribe from this MQTT stream.

Main dependencies

  • paho-mqtt
  • PyMySQL
  • influxdb
  • requests

It's only tested with Python 3. Could work on Python 2, but I don't know :)


  • Install MySQL/MariaDB and/or InfluxDB, according to the docs of these services.
  • For MySQL: Run the 'CREATE TABLE' commands in schema/database.sql
  • For InfluxDB: Just install and create a database. Credentials and database name can be set in config.py.
  • Edit the config and insert your database credentials


Create a virtual environment, enter it and install all dependencies:

virtualenv <custom-path-to-virtual-env>
source <custom-path-to-virtual-env>/bin/activate

Install all dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the server:

python3 server.py

...or create a systemd service for a more stable service.


AGPL 3.0

See agpl-3.0.txt.