Blender Python Add-on with Verse integration
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Blender Add-on with Verse Integration

This is alpha version of Blender Python Add-on with Verse integration. It is possible to share Mesh objects at Verse server now.

Blender Verse Add-on screenshot


This Add-on requires Blender compiled from source code with following patch: and Python module called Verse that could be found here:

Verse project contains compiled Python module and only Linux OS is supported now.

Note: This Add-on is very WIP and it is not intended for production.


To install this Add-on download file:

Unzip this archive and move directory io_verse to directory with your add-ons. Typically ~/.config/blender/2.68a/scripts/addons/

You can also download current version using git:

git clone # (requires SSH)
# git clone # (only HTTPS)
cd verse-blender
git submodule update --init --recursive
git submodule foreach --recursive git checkout master
git submodule foreach --recursive git pull --rebase origin master

To update verse-blender to current version run following commands:

git pull --rebase
git submodule foreach --recursive git pull --rebase origin master


The source code of this Blender Add-on is available under GNU GPL 2.0. For details look at LICENSE file.