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= Introduction =
This document describes how to build e & its dependencies.
To build e you will need:
* A copy of Visual C++ 2008
** You can get the free express edition at
** Full Visual Studio versions also work fine.
** Make sure you have VS2008 SP1 and any applicable Vista-related hot-fixes.
* A set of GNU tools for Windows (including bash, patch, wget, etc.)
** Cygwin is used by e itself to provide Unix support, but has issues on
64-bit versions of Windows.
** If you're building from source on Windows, you're probably using MSysGit
** Either of these packages will provide GNU tools, but will have different issues
and workarounds. See `externals/readme.txt` for more information.
= Building the Dependencies =
e's dependencies are:
* wxWidgets
* Metakit
* libcurl
* libtommath
* libtomcrypt
* TinyXML
To download, patch and compile these dependencies:
* Run "" in a bash shell (Cygwin or MSysGit)
* Run "build_externals_win.cmd" in a VS2008 Command Prompt.
Later versions of these projects may work with e, but have not been tested.
Consult the "" script to see what the expected versions are.
= Building e Itself =
* After building all the dependencies, open "e.sln" and build the Debug target.
* The newly build "e" will use configuration in the registry from an installed
license or trial version.