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Setup on ubuntu

sudo apt install -y cmake
sudo apt install -y libglib2.0-dev
sudo apt install -y pkg-config
sudo apt-get -y install dbus libdbus-1-dev libdbus-glib-1-2 libdbus-glib-1-dev
sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev
sudo apt-get install -y libboost-all-dev

Get XML of interface

  • Install d-feet by running sudo apt install -y d-feet
  • Start your media application, in my case, spotify.
  • Start d-feet
  • Go to the Session bus tab search for MediaPlayer2
  • Expand Interfaces-> org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable -> Methods
  • Double click on Introspect(), then click Execute
  • In the ouput you should get the following:
    ('<!DOCTYPE node PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD D-BUS Object Introspection '
    '                      '
    '<!-- GDBus 2.56.4 -->\n'
    '  <interface name="org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties">\n'
    '    <method name="Get">\n'
    '      <arg type="s" name="interface_name" direction="in"/>\n'
    '      <arg type="s" name="property_name" direction="in"/>\n'
    '      <arg type="v" name="value" direction="out"/>\n'
    '    </method>\n'
    '    <method name="GetAll">\n'
    '      <arg type="s" name="interface_name" direction="in"/>\n'
    '      <arg type="a{sv}" name="properties" direction="out"/>\n'
    '    </method>\n'
    '    <method name="Set">\n'
    '      <arg type="s" name="interface_name" direction="in"/>\n'
    '      <arg type="s" name="property_name" direction="in"/>\n'
    '      <arg type="v" name="value" direction="in"/>\n'
    '    </method>\n'
    '    <signal name="PropertiesChanged">\n'
    '      <arg type="s" name="interface_name"/>\n'
    '      <arg type="a{sv}" name="changed_properties"/>\n'
    '      <arg type="as" name="invalidated_properties"/>\n'
    '    </signal>\n'
    '  </interface>\n'
    '  <interface name="org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable">\n'
    '    <method name="Introspect">\n'
    '      <arg type="s" name="xml_data" direction="out"/>\n'
    '    </method>\n'
    '  </interface>\n'
    '  <interface name="org.freedesktop.DBus.Peer">\n'
    '    <method name="Ping"/>\n'
    '    <method name="GetMachineId">\n'
    '      <arg type="s" name="machine_uuid" direction="out"/>\n'
    '    </method>\n'
    '  </interface>\n'
    '  <interface name="org.mpris.MediaPlayer2">\n'
    '    <method name="Raise"/>\n'
    '    <method name="Quit"/>\n'
    '    <property type="b" name="CanQuit" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="b" name="CanRaise" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="b" name="HasTrackList" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="s" name="Identity" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="s" name="DesktopEntry" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="as" name="SupportedUriSchemes" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="as" name="SupportedMimeTypes" access="read"/>\n'
    '  </interface>\n'
    '  <interface name="org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.Player">\n'
    '    <method name="Next"/>\n'
    '    <method name="Previous"/>\n'
    '    <method name="Pause"/>\n'
    '    <method name="PlayPause"/>\n'
    '    <method name="Stop"/>\n'
    '    <method name="Play"/>\n'
    '    <method name="Seek">\n'
    '      <arg type="x" name="Offset" direction="in"/>\n'
    '    </method>\n'
    '    <method name="SetPosition">\n'
    '      <arg type="o" name="TrackId" direction="in"/>\n'
    '      <arg type="x" name="Position" direction="in"/>\n'
    '    </method>\n'
    '    <method name="OpenUri">\n'
    '      <arg type="s" name="Uri" direction="in"/>\n'
    '    </method>\n'
    '    <signal name="Seeked">\n'
    '      <arg type="x" name="Position"/>\n'
    '    </signal>\n'
    '    <property type="s" name="PlaybackStatus" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="s" name="LoopStatus" access="readwrite"/>\n'
    '    <property type="d" name="Rate" access="readwrite"/>\n'
    '    <property type="b" name="Shuffle" access="readwrite"/>\n'
    '    <property type="a{sv}" name="Metadata" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="d" name="Volume" access="readwrite"/>\n'
    '    <property type="x" name="Position" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="d" name="MinimumRate" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="d" name="MaximumRate" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="b" name="CanGoNext" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="b" name="CanGoPrevious" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="b" name="CanPlay" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="b" name="CanPause" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="b" name="CanSeek" access="read"/>\n'
    '    <property type="b" name="CanControl" access="read"/>\n'
    '  </interface>\n'
  • After some cleanup we get:
    <!DOCTYPE node PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD D-BUS Object Introspection 1.0//EN"
    <!-- GDBus 2.56.4 -->
    <interface name="org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties">
        <method name="Get">
        <arg type="s" name="interface_name" direction="in"/>
        <arg type="s" name="property_name" direction="in"/>
        <arg type="v" name="value" direction="out"/>
        <method name="GetAll">
        <arg type="s" name="interface_name" direction="in"/>
        <arg type="a{sv}" name="properties" direction="out"/>
        <method name="Set">
        <arg type="s" name="interface_name" direction="in"/>
        <arg type="s" name="property_name" direction="in"/>
        <arg type="v" name="value" direction="in"/>
        <signal name="PropertiesChanged">
        <arg type="s" name="interface_name"/>
        <arg type="a{sv}" name="changed_properties"/>
        <arg type="as" name="invalidated_properties"/>
    <interface name="org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable">
        <method name="Introspect">
        <arg type="s" name="xml_data" direction="out"/>
    <interface name="org.freedesktop.DBus.Peer">
        <method name="Ping"/>
        <method name="GetMachineId">
        <arg type="s" name="machine_uuid" direction="out"/>
    <interface name="org.mpris.MediaPlayer2">
        <method name="Raise"/>
        <method name="Quit"/>
        <property type="b" name="CanQuit" access="read"/>
        <property type="b" name="CanRaise" access="read"/>
        <property type="b" name="HasTrackList" access="read"/>
        <property type="s" name="Identity" access="read"/>
        <property type="s" name="DesktopEntry" access="read"/>
        <property type="as" name="SupportedUriSchemes" access="read"/>
        <property type="as" name="SupportedMimeTypes" access="read"/>
    <interface name="org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.Player">
        <method name="Next"/>
        <method name="Previous"/>
        <method name="Pause"/>
        <method name="PlayPause"/>
        <method name="Stop"/>
        <method name="Play"/>
        <method name="Seek">
        <arg type="x" name="Offset" direction="in"/>
        <method name="SetPosition">
        <arg type="o" name="TrackId" direction="in"/>
        <arg type="x" name="Position" direction="in"/>
        <method name="OpenUri">
        <arg type="s" name="Uri" direction="in"/>
        <signal name="Seeked">
        <arg type="x" name="Position"/>
        <property type="s" name="PlaybackStatus" access="read"/>
        <property type="s" name="LoopStatus" access="readwrite"/>
        <property type="d" name="Rate" access="readwrite"/>
        <property type="b" name="Shuffle" access="readwrite"/>
        <property type="a{sv}" name="Metadata" access="read"/>
        <property type="d" name="Volume" access="readwrite"/>
        <property type="x" name="Position" access="read"/>
        <property type="d" name="MinimumRate" access="read"/>
        <property type="d" name="MaximumRate" access="read"/>
        <property type="b" name="CanGoNext" access="read"/>
        <property type="b" name="CanGoPrevious" access="read"/>
        <property type="b" name="CanPlay" access="read"/>
        <property type="b" name="CanPause" access="read"/>
        <property type="b" name="CanSeek" access="read"/>
        <property type="b" name="CanControl" access="read"/>
  • generate the header and source file for this xml using the command: gdbus-codegen --generate-c-code generated_mediaplayer2 ./org_mpris_mediaplayer2.xml


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