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@@ -19,21 +19,25 @@ Because the default sort method does not recognize the numbers in the string. Th
This GEM has 8 methods
`Naturalsorter::Sorter.sort(array, caseinsesitive)`
`Naturalsorter::Sorter.sort_desc(array, caseinsesitive)`
And this here for more advanced sorting. Where you can put in a array of objects and the method which should called on every object for comparison.
`Naturalsorter::Sorter.sort_by_method(array, method, caseinsesitive)`
`Naturalsorter::Sorter.sort_by_method_desc(array, method, caseinsesitive)`
This methods are based on a different algo. spezially optimizied for sorting version strings.
This here is again for an array with objects.
`Naturalsorter::Sorter.sort_version_by_method(array, method)`
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