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# NaturalSorter
+## The Mission
This open source project is sorting arrays in a natural way. Assume you have an string array like this here
-["init30", "init20", "init200"]
+`["init30", "init20", "init200"]`
If you are sorting this in ruby with ".sort" you will get this result
-["init20", "init200", "init30"]
+`["init20", "init200", "init30"]`
Because the default sort method does not recognize the numbers in the string. The NaturalSorter will return this result.
-["init20", "init30", "init200"]
+`["init20", "init30", "init200"]`
+## How To Use - Examples
+You should add this line to your Gemfile
+`gem 'naturalsorter', '0.0.1'`
+and run this command in your app root directory
+`bundle install`
+Than you can use it like this:
+`Naturalsorter::Sorter.sort(["c400", "b5", "a1"], true)`
+The method head looks like this:
+`Naturalsorter::Sorter.sort(array, caseinsesitive)`
+That's it.

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