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You're awesome!


Reporting bugs

  1. This repo (versionpress/versionpress) is for coding issues only. If you have trouble running VersionPress on your host etc., please visit versionpress/support.
  2. Search the issues first.
  3. Open a new issue.

Providing steps to reproduce greatly helps!

Feature ideas

Ideas are great. VersionPress needs them. Feel free to discuss them on Gitter or by opening a new issue here.

Contributing code


  1. Open a new issue / pick an existing one.
  2. Fork the repo, create a branch, commit to it.
  3. Push the branch, open a pull request.
  4. The core team will review it and work with you if necessary.
  5. PR will be merged.
  6. 🎉

Learn more about our development process and set up your local development environment.

Happy hacking!

Improving docs

Public docs at are exported from the ./docs/content directory. We're always happy to accept pull requests with clarifications, grammar fixes, etc. More in docs/, thank you!

Other ideas of how to contribute? Tell us on Gitter.