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Improve Dockerized testing infrastructure #1389

borekb opened this issue Mar 7, 2019 · 3 comments


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commented Mar 7, 2019

Full tests (npm run tests:full) currently take over an hour to run on a relatively powerful machine (Core i7 MacBook Pro) and there are some other issues related to tests as we reviewed them with @JanVoracek today.

UPDATE: In the end, this issue is a major update of the dockerized dev / testing environment last updated in #1329.


  • Full tests now run much faster thanks to volumes instead of host-mounted folders. On my machine, the time dropped from 1 hour 15 minutes to just 11 minutes. #1396
  • Permissions between containers (Debian vs. Alpine) have been fixed. #1397
  • New run-tests.ts script that orchestrates how tests run. For example, it decides when to start a WordPress stack (if at all), cleans up after itself, etc. #1401
  • The main testing scripts is now just npm run tests (the :full suffix has been dropped).
    • Also, all the tests:custom scripts have been dropped as run-tests.ts now accepts parameters, for example:
      npm run tests -- --testsuite Unit --filter CursorTest
  • Docker images are now fixed using their digests. No more surprises if upstream images change. #1398
  • Some effort has been put into testing and documenting how test work on Docker Toolbox. #1403

During the work, I've also encountered several other things that are noted in the "Deferred items" section below.

TODO list

  • Split testing documentation from Dev Setup, it's quite long on its own. #1392
    • ... and smaller related content changes. #1393
  • Split docker-compose services into two files, docker-compose.yml and docker-compose.tests.yml. #1395
  • ⭐ Permissions: Run CLI image as UID 33 (Debian's "www-data") #1397
  • ⭐ Volumes: use named volumes (i.e., don't map to host OS) & have some way to inspect the data later. #1396
  • Use Docker image digests instead of tags. #1398
    • They are uglier, e.g., busybox:latest becomes busybox@sha256:38a203e1986cf79639cfb9b2e1d6e773de84002feea2d4eb006b52004ee8502d, but it's the only way to make runs predictable (docker-compose lacks a concept of a lock file).
    • This has already been considered in #1329 but we eventually didn't go for it.
    • docker-compose config --resolve-image-digests can help with that.
    • Awesome post about the problem and solutions: Overcoming Docker’s mutable image tags
      • (BTW, it's by Renovate, a tool that we should consider in the future anyway to keep dependencies up to date.)
  • Stop containers after the tests finish running. #1399 (package.json impl), then #1401 (run-tests.ts impl)
  • ⭐ Introduce run-tests.ts and make test runs more reliable. #1400 (PR #1401)
  • Verify how things work in Docker Toolbox. #1403
  • Possibly remove "test:custom" npm scripts, just document how to do it. Done as part of #1401.
  • Explore using Samba to speed up files inspection, see #1389 (comment). Explored but not successfully, see #1411.
  • Document how to stop tests on Mac – Ctrl+C doesn't work, I have to open another terminal, type docker ps, copy the container ID and do docker stop <id>. Resolved as part of #1401 – Ctrl+C now kills the Node.js script.
  • ⭐ Make npm run tests pass. #1400

Deferred items

These should be done separately in future PRs.

  • Rename images to something like versionpress/wordpress and versionpress/cli, i.e., make "CLI" part of the image name so that it's clear when digests are used.
  • Only enable Xdebug for ...:debug scripts.
    • Right now, it's always enabled and just not configured with the right idekey in non-debug scripts which makes things slower. Here and here.
    • Update Xdebug to 2.7.0. (Let's still stay on PHP 7.2 for tests for now.)
  • Make PHP 7.2 the minimum required version? (We don't have an issue for it yet, will create it.)
  • The WP-CLI installation into the WP image looks a bit weird, review it.
  • Try updating PHPUnit (I remember it wasn't so easy due to supported PHP versions or something but it's worth looking again).
  • Don't base our CLI image on wordpress:cli, it does a lot more than we need.
  • Explore re-running failed tests: sebastianbergmann/phpunit#46
  • Close #1284 (Fix remaining tests under Docker, post-beta) and port those to a new issue
  • Review backlog from the "Noted for future work" section in #1329
  • Another big one is #1258 (WP-CLI / Selenium worker switching). That issue is a bit old but overall, we should still be able to run all tests with both workers, or pick a worker with a flag like npm run tests --worker=selenium. Things like a worker or a specific test site to use shouldn't be hardcoded in test-config.yml.

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commented Mar 10, 2019

Good progress this weekend:


@pavelevap, could you please try how tests currently work on Windows? For me, npm run tests:full (after npm run tests:cleanup!) take about 10 minutes to run and produce only 1 failure in CloneMergeTest::cloneLooksExactlySameAsOriginal ("Tests: 738, Assertions: 950, Failures: 1, Skipped: 16").

If we could fix that issue, that would be a big win.

@borekb borekb added this to In Progress in 4.0-beta → 4.0-beta2 Mar 11, 2019


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commented Mar 11, 2019

Named volumes implemented in #1396 made things much faster but also harder to inspect files locally. The current solution depends on copying files from a named volumed to a folder that will be bind-mount to host but this is quite slow (several minutes of heavy I/O on my Mac).

This SO answer suggests using Samba, we could explore that as an alternative.

UPDATE: I tried to add Samba in #1411 but didn't manage to.


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commented Mar 26, 2019

The key items are done and the tests now fully pass 🎉.

I've updated the original description to contain all the relevant details.

@borekb borekb closed this Mar 26, 2019

4.0-beta → 4.0-beta2 automation moved this from In Progress to Done Mar 26, 2019

@borekb borekb referenced this issue Mar 26, 2019


Testing infrastructure – backlog #1412

0 of 10 tasks complete

@borekb borekb referenced this issue Mar 26, 2019


Travis CI #1259

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