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"These are a few of my favorite things."

  • Oscar Hammerstein II

In this textual trove is an assortment of things that I've found to be useful in my day-to-day work. Some of the scripts are my own creations, but most of them are borrowed. As time permits I'll add in credit where credit is due. For now, just assume that someone far more clever and resourceful than I wrote them.

To use the dot files, you only need to clone the repository:

$ git clone

After that, using it requires just two commands:

$ cd dotfiles; ./

That is it! Just restart your terminal, and you'll have everything up and running. If you make changes to the files in the dotfiles directory, and you want to reinstall the changes without restarting the terminal, you run the following command:

$ source

It is an alias for source that—when given no command line options—will evaluate the ~/.bash_profile file automatically. Simply put: all your changes will be immediately available.

If you have any comments or improvements, just push them my way.