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DSSIM C implementation
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RGBA Structural Similarity

This tool computes (dis)similarity between two PNG images using (my approximation of) algorithms approximating human vision.

Comparison is done in L*a*b* color space† using SSIM algorithm.

It's a rewrite of Rabah Mehdi's C++ implementation:

  • No C++ (C99)
  • No OpenCV dependency (only libpng)
  • Supports alpha channel
  • Supports gamma correction

Values output are not comparable with other tools. This tool is meant to be fast, and I'm not giving any guarantees about correctness (or speed :)

†) conversion assumes D65 white point and uses gamma from PNG file, defaulting to 2.2.


dssim file.png file-modified.png

Will output something like 0.2341. 0 means exactly the same image, >0 (unbounded) is amount of difference.

dssim file.png file-modified.png totally-rad-visualisation.png

Will also output map of differences. Transparent areas will have funky pattern added.

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