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Versus Flow Auction Contract

This is a git repo for the cadence contrats for versus@flow. Follow the guide below to set it up and test locally in the terminal.


  1. Ensure Go is installed on your machine recommended version 1.16^
  2. Install the Flow CLI
  3. Run $ git clone in a terminal window
  4. Change to the project directory cd auction-flow-contract

How to run the sample

Start two terminals. Both from the root directory.

  • flow emulator -v
  • make demo

What happends in the sample

  1. install all the contracts
  2. setup an artist with a wallet to receive his share
  3. setup a marketplace and put a single 1 vs 10 auction active. Marketplace cut is 15%
  4. setup bidder1
  5. have bidder1 bid on the auction
  6. if you want to you can now start the webpage from the repo to explore the web side
  7. tick the clock and settle the auction
  8. settle the auction
  9. check all the accounts

Deploy to testnet

  1. flow keys generate
  2. flow accounts create --host --results --config-path ~/.flow-dev.json --key <pk from step 1>
  3. edit flow-testnet.json add an testnet-account with pk from step 1 and account from step 4
  4. transfer flow to account
  5. flow project deploy -f ~/.flow-testnet.json

Repeat step 1-4 for the versus account that is going to hold the marketplace


Cadence contracts for the versus auction syustem.







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