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Plugin to enable the saving of any feed item into your instance of semantic scuttle
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Plugin to enable the saving of any feed item from Tiny Tiny RSS ( into your instance of SemanticScuttle (


ttrss2scuttle is developed by Jose Alcántara ( and the development is sponsored by Cartograf (


This plugin was built upon the foundation of the plugin for Read It Later provided with v1.5 of TT-RSS.

It was later adapted to the new plugin structure, in order to get it working with version 1.7 of Tiny Tiny RSS.

This plugin is 100% compatible with the latest version of TinyTinyRSS v1.10.


The copyright of the artwork of the icon is not claim in any possible way by me or this project.

Therefore, its license is whatever license the owners of the Scuttle semantic project decide for their art.


This project is licensed under the GNU GPL license version 3 (or newer). For a text that really has legal use, please read the license.txt file included within the /semanticscuttle folder.


  1. Recommended: Download the latest tagged version. Right now, it is v2.0:
  2. Uncompress the files.
  3. Upload the "/semanticscuttle" folder and all of its content to the "/plugins" folder inside your Tiny Tiny RSS installation.
  4. Now in your TT-RSS go to "Preferences > Plugins", you will see a new "semanticscuttle" plugin is now listed.
  5. Activate your plugin.
  6. Enjoy :)
  7. (Optional) Spread the word on free (as in free speech) software :)


version 2.1 - june 2013

  • Updated to v1.8 of TT-RSS.
  • Now using api_version().
  • Thanks to Greencrab (at github) for these updates.

version 2.0 - march 2013

  • Added a preferences pane, as recommended with v1.7 of tt-rss.
  • URL of your SemanticScuttle instance now configurable through prefs pane.

version 1.3 - march 2013

  • Restructured files and code to work with TT-RSS v1.7
  • First public version
  • As this is now publicly available, it is now licensed under GPL v3.

version 1.0 - june 2012

  • First version: working with TT-RSS v1.5
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