A circuit breaker for Vert.x
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Vert.x Circuit Breaker

Vert.x Circuit Breaker is an implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern for Vert.x. More details on this pattern on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circuit_breaker_design_pattern

It keeps track of the number of failures and open the circuit when a threshold is reached. Optionally, a fallback is executed.

Supported failures are:

  • failures reported by your code

  • exception thrown by your code

  • uncompleted futures (timeout)

Operations guarded by a circuit breaker are intended to by non-blocking and asynchronous in order to benefits from the Vert.x execution model.

Using the vert.x circuit breaker

To use the Vert.x Circuit Breaker, add the following dependency to the dependencies section of your build descriptor:

  • Maven (in your pom.xml):

  • Gradle (in your build.gradle file):

compile 'io.vertx:vertx-circuit-breaker:$VERSION'

Using the circuit breaker