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Vert.x AMQP Bridge examples

Here you will find examples demonstrating Vert.x AMQP Bridge in action.

Vert.x AMQP Bridge provides AMQP 1.0 producer and consumer support via a bridging layer implementing the Vert.x event bus MessageProducer and MessageConsumer APIs. Please consult the Vert.x AMQP Bridge documentation for more information.

NOTE: These examples require a broker with AMQP 1.0 support listening at port 5672 on localhost.

For example, you could use ActiveMQ:

  1. Grab the latest release from their Download Page.

  2. Extract the release.

  3. Run the broker using: bin/activemq start

  4. Then run the examples.

  5. When finished, stop the broker using: bin/activemq stop

Sender and Receiver

These examples demonstrates messaging between a MessageProducer and a MessageConsumer instance.

The receiver listens on an address for incoming messages, and prints their content on arrival. The sender sends a message to that address every second.