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Vert.x Heroku Example

This project shows how to deploy a Vert.x 3 applications to Heroku. The same application can be deployed using 3 approaches:

  • Using a one click badge
  • Using the maven plugin
  • Using the git interface

If you use a fat-jar then deploying on heroku is as simple as one click. The only requirement is to create the Heroku specific Procfile with a Dyno of type web.

To deploy with the one click mode:

Deploy to Heroku

Use the Heroku Toolbelt

Follow these steps, after installing the Heroku Toolbelt, to deploy with Maven:

$ git clone
$ heroku create
$ mvn -pl heroku-example package heroku:deploy


Follow these steps to deploy with Git.

$ git clone
$ heroku create
$ heroku config:set MAVEN_CUSTOM_OPTS="-DskipTests -pl heroku-example"
$ git push heroku master

When creating a project of your own, you'll need to borrow from the Procfile in the root directory of this project, and the MAVEN_CUSTOM_OPTS will only be necessary if your app is not the primary module of your Maven project.