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Vert.x Apache Ignite examples

This project shows a simple example using the Apache Ignite cluster manager (instead of the Hazelcast cluster manager).

This project is composed by two small applications:

Starts these applications from your IDE, and you should see the sent and receive data (don’t forget to start both application).

Network interface selection

The applications try to pick the network address automatically, but it may be wrong. In this case pass the IP of the interface you want to use as parameter.

Launching the example from the command line

you can launch the producer and consumer as follows:

mvn clean package
java -jar target/ignite-examples-3.3.3-fat.jar run io.vertx.example.ignite.ProducerApp -cluster
java -jar target/ignite-examples-3.3.3-fat.jar run io.vertx.example.ignite.ConsumerApp -cluster