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Vert.x Kotlin Coroutines Example

A movie getRating REST application written in Kotlin to demonstrate how it can Kotlin coroutines can be used with Vert.x.

Coroutines enables to write asynchronous code with sequential statements, the function rateMovie is the best example showing two SQL client operations wrapped in a use block managing the SQL connection.

Running from the IDE

Run the main function from the IDE

Running as a far jar

> mvn package
> java -jar target/kotlin-coroutines-examples.jar

Running from the CLI

Copy hsqldb jar to $VERTX_HOME/lib

> cp $HOME/.m2/repository/org/hsqldb/hsqldb/2.4.0/hsqldb-2.4.0.jar $VERTX_HOME/lib/
> vertx run src/main/kotlin/movierating/App.kt


The application exposes a REST API for getRating movies:

You can know more about a movie

> curl http://localhost:8080/movie/starwars
{"id":"starwars","title":"Star Wars"}

You can get the current getRating of a movie:

> curl http://localhost:8080/getRating/indianajones

Finally you can rateMovie a movie

> curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/rateMovie/starwars?getRating=4