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Vert.x Mail examples

Here you’ll find some examples how to use Vert.x mail-service to send mails to a SMTP server either from the local machine or via the event bus on another machine.

By default these example starts a "fake" mails server (just logging on the console):


If you want to use a different SMTP server, just remove this line and configure the options.

The examples use a few different configs


Just send a mail without authentication.


Send a mail to an external smtp server (e.g. googlemail, sendgrid, aol etc) requiring a login.

The login will currently use DIGEST-MD5, CRAM-MD5, PLAIN and LOGIN in order of preference. If the server announces AUTH but you don’t need it (e.g. if you are authenticated by a local ip address) turn login off with LoginOption.DISABLE. To specifically select an AUTH method or define the order of preference, you can do setAuthMethods("METHOD1 METHOD2").


Send a mail via the event bus to another vert.x instance registered as vertx.mail. This will use the config set by the service and doesn’t use a local config object.

This example shows how to leave out the From address in a mail but setting the bounceAddress property instead.

the example deploys the mail service, however you can refactor the example to skip this step and start the service as follows:

vertx run service:io.vertx.mail-service

and vertx will pick up the package from maven and start it with default config.


Send a mail with supplied headers (e.g. Received, Message-ID, Reply-To)

This example shows how you can send headers in a mail.


This example shows how to send inlined images in mails.