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Vert.x MQTT examples

Here you will find examples demonstrating Vert.x MQTT server and client in action.

Vert.x MQTT provides a server which is able to handle connections, communication and messages exchange with remote MQTT clients.

Vert.x MQTT provides also a client.

Please consult the Vert.x MQTT documentation for more information.

Examples can be run directly from the IDE by executing the main method. Alternatively, you can run them using the vertx command line tool (that need to be installed beforehand):

mvn clean compile
vertx run fully-qualified-name-of-the-example -cp target/classes

Adapt the -cp option value for your current working directory and operating system.

Dependencies required

To use Vert.x MQTT Server or Client in your own Maven or Gradle project add the following dependency

Group ID: io.vertx
Artifact ID: vertx-mqtt

MQTT examples

These examples demonstrate usage of Vert.x MQTT servers and clients.


This example consists of a simple server verticle which serves MQTT connections, and simply echoes back whatever it receives.


This is the same as the Simple example but using SSL to encrypt connections