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Vert.x Redis Client examples

Here you will find examples demonstrating the usage of the Vert.x Redis Client.

The example is available in several languages:

To run this example, you need a running Redis instance. Once running, you can configure the verticles with the redis host:

    "host": ""

By default it uses as host. The post is set to 6379.

Once the redis instance is running, you can launch it using:

# mandatory, it copies the vertx-redis-client
mvn clean package

# java
vertx run io.vertx.examples.redis.RedisClientVerticle -cp target/redis-examples-3.5.3.jar -conf my-redis-config.json

# javascript
vertx run src/main/js/io/vertx/examples/redis/redis_client_verticle.js  -cp target/redis-examples-3.5.3.jar -conf my-redis-config.json

# groovy
vertx run src/main/groovy/io/vertx/examples/redis/redis_client_verticle.groovy   -cp target/redis-examples-3.5.3.jar -conf my-redis-config.json

# ruby
vertx run src/main/ruby/io/vertx/examples/redis/redis_client_verticle.rb   -cp target/redis-examples-3.5.3.jar -conf my-redis-config.json