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Vert.x for Kotlin

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This is the repository for Kotlin language support for Vert.x 3.

The following modules are available in this project:

  • vertx-lang-kotlin contains extension functions for the majority of Vert.x libraries.

  • vertx-lang-kotlin-coroutines contains coroutines support for Vert.x.


Extending Vert.x for Kotlin

Kotlin extensions are developed in this directory.

For instance vertx-core extensions are in the io.vertx.kotlin.core package, etc…​

Extensions needs to be tested and documented.

Bumping Kotlin version

There are a couple of rules to follow before increasing the project versions:

  • If changing one between kotlin and kotlinx.coroutines version, make sure that all transitive dependencies, like kotlin-stdlib, still match between the two versions.

  • If changing the kotlin version, open a PR also on vertx-codetrans

Kotlin evolves fast, so just change the project versions, test it, and shot a PR.