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Vert.x Service Discovery

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The vertx-service-discovery provides a discovery infrastructure to register and discover the services exposed by your microservice applications. It can be message sources (entities publishing message on the event bus), REST endpoints, service proxies, or anything you want as you can add your own type.

The service discovery can be extended using bridges to import services from Docker, Kubernetes, Consul...

You can find the full documentation on the Vert.x website.

Kubernetes Discovery Bridge

The vertx-discovery-bridge-kubernetes is a discovery bridge importing the services from Kubernetes in the Vert.x service discovery.

Docker Discovery Bridge

The vertx-discovery-bridge-docker is a discovery bridge importing the services from Docker container in the Vert.x service discovery. This bridge is experimental.

Another bridge (vertx-discovery-bridge-docker-links) analyzes the docker links (environment variable) to import the linked services in the discovery infrastructure.

Consul Discovery Bridge

The vertx-discovery-bridge-consul is a discovery bridge importing the services from a agent.

Discovery Backend - Redis

The vertx-discovery-backend-redis is another implementation of the Vert.x discovery backend (where service record are stored) using Redis instead of a distributed map.


Some tools one can use for doing microservices with Vert.x




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