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3.7.1 Deprecations and breaking changes

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Vert.x Core

Vert.x Kafka Client

  • Breaking
    • Currently the Kafka write overloaded method provides as async result the record metadata write(KafkaProducerRecord<K, V>, Handler<AsyncResult<RecordMetaData>>. Vert.x WriteStream defines so far the write(KakfaProducerRecord<K,V>) method which gets overloaded with write(KafkaProducerRecord<K, V>, Handler<AsyncResult<Void>>) in 3.7.1 as part of an improvement for write streams. We need to rename the current write(KafkaProducerRecord<K, V>, Handler<AsyncResult<RecordMetaData>>) to send(KafkaProducerRecord<K, V>, Handler<AsyncResult<RecordMetaData>>) and change the async result type of write to be void. See
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