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Vert.x 3 Official stack and component maintainers

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Official stack

This is the set of components as documented on the documentation page:

Most of the components in the official stack will be distributed in one or more of the Vert.x binary distributions.

The Vert.x committer team maintains the official stack and makes sure releases are done on time, bugs are fixed and the quality is maintained at a high level.

Vert.x committer team

The Vert.x committer team is the set of developers who have made a commitment to maintain one or more components of the official stack.

The Vert.x committer team is formed from developers of the Vert.x community. It is not controlled by any one company or organisation.

New Vert.x committers can be proposed by existing committers and must be voted in by a majority of existing Vert.x committers.

Official component maintainers

Each component in the Vert.x official stack must be maintained by a Vert.x committer. It is the responsibility of the committer to ensure releases are done on time, bugs are fixed and the quality of the component is maintained at a high level.

The maintainer should review and manage pull requests from the community, and ensure the Eclipse CLA has been signed by any contributor.

The maintainer should be familiar with, and follow the Vert.x development process:

Components maintainers have push/pull rights to at least the component they are maintainers for.

If a Vert.x committer is not able to commit to maintaining a component they must pass on maintainership to another Vert.x committer.

If there is no Vert.x committer with the necessary skills to maintain a component, then the component should be droppped from the official stack.

The roadmap for the official stack is determined by the Vert.x committers so a component maintainer should not make any major new features or refactorings that diverge with the current roadmap without first discussing with the other committers.

Proposing new components for the official stack

If the community believes a new component should be included in the official stack, then this can be proposed to the committer team. A maintainer must also be proposed for the component. The maintainer can be an existing member of the committer team or a new committer can be proposed from the community. Any new committer must pledge to maintain the component as described previously.

It is the responsibility of the maintainer to ensure that code quality and documentation of the component is brought to a sufficiently high level to allow its inclusion in the stack.

Component maintainers are free to delegate work to other members of the Vert.x community but the fundamental responsibility is on the maintainer to ensure timeliness and quality of the component.

Vert.x project lead

Julien Viet

The project lead has the power to resolve disputes and determine direction if committers cannot come to a concensus on an approach to take.

Component maintainers


  • Vert.x Core - Julien Viet


  • Vert.x Web - Paulo Lopes

Data access

  • Mongo Client - Martijn Verburg, John Oliver
  • JDBC Client - Paulo Lopes
  • SQL Common - Paulo Lopes
  • Redis Client - Paulo Lopes
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL client - Jochen Mader
  • Consul client - Ruslan Sennov


  • SMTP Client - Alex Lehmann
  • JCA Adaptor - Stefano Maestri
  • Camel bridge - Claus Ibsen
  • AMQP bridge - Robbie Gemmell
  • Vert.x Proton - Robbie Gemmell
  • Vert.x RabbitMQ Client - Pavel Drankov, Guillaume Charhon


  • Vert.x Auth - Paulo Lopes

Rx / Reactive

  • Vert.x Rx - Julien Viet
  • Vert.x Sync - Julien Ponge
  • Reactive Streams - Julien Viet


  • DropWizard Metrics - Julien Viet
  • Hawkular Metrics - Thomas Segismont


  • Vert.x Unit - Julien Viet
  • Vert.x Junit 5 - Julien Ponge


  • Hazelcast Cluster Manager - Thomas Segismont
  • Zookeeper Cluster Manager - Stream Liu
  • Apache Ignite Cluster Manager - Andrey Gura
  • Infinispan Cluster Manager - Thomas Segismont


  • Vert.x MQTT - Paolo Patierno


  • Service Factories - Clement Escoffier
  • Service Proxies - Clement Escoffier
  • Maven Service Factory - Clement Escoffier
  • HTTP Service Factory - Clement Escoffier
  • Microservices Toolbox - Clement Escoffier
  • gRPC - Julien Viet
  • gRPC Java Compiler - Paulo Lopes


  • Service Discovery - Clement Escoffier
  • Circuit Breaker - Clement Escoffier

Cloud / Docker

  • Vert.x OpenShift Cartridge - Clement Escoffier
  • Vert.x Docker Images - Clement Escoffier


  • CodeGen - Julien Viet
  • Docgen - Julien Viet
  • Codetrans - Julien Viet


  • Vert.x Stack - Julien Viet

Web site

  • Website - Michel Kramer


  • Examples - Clement Escoffier

Language implementations

  • JavaScript - Paulo Lopes
  • Ruby - Julien Viet
  • Groovy - Julien Viet
  • Scala - Jochen Mader
  • Kotlin - Guido Pio Mariotti, Sergey Mashkov
  • Python - Jordan Halterman
  • Ceylon - Stephane Epardaud

Retired components

  • JGroups Cluster Manager

Retired contributors

  • Tim Fox (Founder & Emeritus)
  • Norman Maurer (Emeritus)
  • Pid ster
  • Nick Scavelli
  • James Strachan
  • Fabio Marinelli
  • Rajith Attapattu
  • Joern Bernhardt
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