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One Click Miner for Vertcoin
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One-Click Miner

This is a redevelopment of Vertcoin's One Click Miner that adds:

  • Built-in Wallet
  • Linux Support
  • True One-Click design

Want to donate to the development of this software? Send VTC to VjEBWk2jJBbesrVUhneVCEZ3Lf1t8gEqk6.


The GUI of this MVP is based on Wails and Go.

Install the Wails prerequisites for your platform, and then run:

go get

Then clone this repository, and inside its main folder, execute:

wails build

Milestone #1: MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

  • (Password protected) built-in wallet
  • Allows sweeping your entire balance to another address
  • Uses Vertcoin Insight to retrieve balances
  • Uses P2Proxy as mining pool
  • Supports lyclMiner (AMD) on Linux
  • Supports lyclMiner (AMD) on Windows
  • Supports ccminer (Nvidia) on Windows
  • Supports ccminer (Nvidia) on Linux
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