This is intended to be the final "old client" release before SegWit. This wallet update deprecates and removes the Stealth Addresses function since it will not be available in the next wallet version. Additionally, this release implements lowS signatures which is required for BIP66. Finally, it updates the default transaction fee structure so that transactions from this wallet will be propagated by the new wallet once it is released.

Whilst this update is not mandatory, it is highly recommended as it will take longer and longer for pre v0.10.1 wallets' transactions to be included in a block as more of the network upgrades to the new SegWit wallet.


v0.10.0.2 - Updates nodes, checkpoints and test net

@metalicjames metalicjames released this Dec 21, 2016 · 11 commits to master since this release

v0.10.0.2 is intended to do the following things:

  • Update the nodes list in the wallet
  • Update the copyrights
  • Update the READMEs, including build instructions for Windows, OS X and Ubuntu/Debian
  • Add some new checkpoints
  • Fix test net
  • Update the explorer URLs


v0.10.0.0 - Lyra2REv2

@metalicjames metalicjames released this Jul 27, 2015 · 62 commits to master since this release

This release is designed to hard fork the network to a new mining algorithm at block 347000 in order to deal with the large botnet providing large amounts of hash power.

-- Fork to Lyra2REv2 at block 347000 (mainnet) and 127000 (testnet)
-- Fix solomining to the wallet using getwork
-- Fix a transaction fee bug



@metalicjames metalicjames released this Jan 16, 2015 · 16 commits to master- since this release

This release aims at fixing the vast majority (if not all) of the known bugs with the Vertcoin wallet.


-- Fix segmentation fault on -reindex flag
-- Fix segmentation fault on -disablewallet=1 flag
-- Fix all current build warnings
-- Update "make clean" to remove Lyra2RE files
-- Update block explorer links
-- Update seed nodes
-- New checkpoint
-- Add support for "watch only" addresses
-- Removed some debugging output that is not relevant after the successful fork
-- Update for OpenSSL 1.0.1k


v0.9.0.0 - Lyra2RE

@a432511 a432511 released this Dec 3, 2014 · 12 commits to master-0.9 since this release

The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived. We are very proud to announce the hard fork to Lyra2RE which will land approximately December 16th at block 208301. This is the culmination of many months of hard work with jamesl22 taking the lead and more than proving his technical abilities.

We know Lyra2RE will serve us well being incredibly secure, robust in terms of configurability and easier to mine. Additionally, ASIC production for such a robust algorithm will be expensive and time consuming given its adaptability and resistance to parallel processing. If you haven’t read the white paper, I encourage you to do so.


v0.8.7.3 Stealth Address

@bushido bushido released this Jul 1, 2014 · 16 commits to master-0.8 since this release

Supporting Stealth Address Transactions
Supporting OP_RETURN
Adding GUI for Stealth Address
Fixed wrong description
Fixed transaction fees


v0.8.7.1 Malleability mitigation backports

@erkmos erkmos released this May 10, 2014 · 41 commits to master-0.8 since this release

  • Upgrade qt, miniupnpc, zlib, libpng, qrencode
  • Many bug fixes from Bitcoin 0.8.7rc stable branch
    including transaction malleability mitigation backports from 0.9
  • Update pnSeed
  • New checkpoint
  • Enabled translations again after having updated most of them