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(add-to-list 'load-path (expand-file-name "~/.emacs.d") t)
(defun string-starts-with (string prefix)
"Returns non-nil if string STRING starts with PREFIX, otherwise nil."
(and (>= (length string) (length prefix))
(string-equal (substring string 0 (length prefix)) prefix)))
(defadvice display-warning
(around no-warn-.emacs.d-in-load-path (type message &rest unused) activate)
"Ignore the warning about the `.emacs.d' directory being in `load-path'."
(unless (and (eq type 'initialization)
(string-starts-with message "Your `load-path' seems to contain\nyour `.emacs.d' directory"))
;; You're expected to populate .emacs.d/local.el
;; with your own code. This file is under .gitignore
;; so it won't be version-controlled. The idea is to
;; make this file load other version-controlled files.
(load "local")
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