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@@ -80,12 +80,16 @@ to the ant output.
-The performance results reported in the blog post are done based on an
-input data set of 1.3GB in size. That data set can be downloaded here:
+Our performance study is based on an input data set of 1.3GB in
+size. That data set can be downloaded here:
-To set up the test, download and decompress the above file, and place
-it under input/few-edges.txt. Then use the above ant commands to kick off the testing.
+You are welcome to download and use it for your own testing.
-Alternatively, extend build.xml with new build targets for running the
-performance test.
+Note that the above ant commands use a single-instance setup, and are
+unsuitable for large-scale performance testing. The performance
+results reported in our blog post are done on a 4-node cluster, where
+each node has 12 cores, 96GB of RAM and 10GBit internconnect. The
+hardware power is equivalent to 4 nodes from the HP Vertica Analytics

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