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The reason these are in a singular package is because they all rely on one another.

You can install this library by running the SQL commands in
Or, to uninstall,
Note that the SQL statements assume that you have copied this package to a
node in your cluster and are running them from there.


- Static properties class
  This is an incredibly simple class that allows flexible (node-specific) parameters to be set. This
  really should be a session on global object. See enhancements.
- XPATH function
  This function comes in 2 forms, xpath_find and xpath_find all. The first extracts only the first
  match of an xpath, the second matches all (with one per line).
- XSLT function
  The XSLT function also comes in 2 forms. The first form simply applies the transform to the XML data.
  The second allows you to put the resulting data into records/rows by providing delimiters.

- HTTP Get
  The http_get will return the test from a URL. This requires static access because of CURL.

- Google API

  This API is meant to be a framework for any and all of Google's API's. Google API's run on XML responses,
  so its simply a matter of applying the right XSL and transforming. In this example I am pulling data
  from the Analytics API, which is the website tracking information Google collects.
  API Functions
  -- Authorize
  gapi_analytics_authorize will fetch a token to use for all subsequent requests.
  Analytics API
  -- Get Tables
  Lists all the tables available (multiple websites).
  -- Get Analytics
  Lists the hits and longitude/latitude for a given date range

- The representation of getDate from the input_reader is inconsistent(?) with the output_writer.

Enhancement Requests:
- Create a UDF type that can return multiple rows but does not require the "over ()" clause. 
- Allow session and cluster-wide static variables to be set.
- Allow UDFs to have access to existing environment information such as:
  - The user name of the person executing the function
  - The host that the function is executing on
  - Epoch information
  - Table Meta Data (RO)
- Allow where clauses on UDTs that have named columns.
- Add the "JulianDate" class to the UDF offering.

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