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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="common">
Common build file for properties or tasks that should be shared across sub-project build files.
<property name="projectroot" value = "${basedir}/.."/>
<property file="${projectroot}/"/>
<!-- When making a versioned release, create a branch and change the build.version below -->
<property name="build.version" value = "SNAPSHOT" />
<!-- some common defaults -->
<property name="hadoop-connector.jar"
value = "${projectroot}/hadoop-connector/build/hadoop-connector/jar/hadoop-vertica-${build.version}.jar" />
<!-- These require targets could be done better with a single macro -->
<target name="requirehadoopdir">
<fail message="Property &quot;hadoop.dir&quot; needs to be set to a value">
<equals arg1="${hadoop.dir}" arg2=""/>
<not><isset property="hadoop.dir"/></not>
<not><available file="${hadoop.dir}" type="dir"/></not>
<target name="requirepigjar">
<fail message="Property &quot;pig.jar&quot; needs to be set to a valid jar file">
<equals arg1="${pig.jar}" arg2=""/>
<not><isset property="pig.jar"/></not>
<not><available file="${pig.jar}" type="file"/></not>