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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project basedir="." default="jar" name="hadoop-vertica">
Apache Hadoop/Pig Vertica Project contains
source code for the following JARs:
* Apache Hadoop to Vertica Connector.
* Apache Pig to Vertica Connector.
* Example to use the Hadoop/Vertica connector.
<property environment="env"/>
<condition property="ispig07">
<contains string="${pig.jar}" substring="pig-0.7"/>
<target name="executeRecursively">
<ant dir="hadoop-connector" target="${action}"/>
<ant dir="hadoop-example" target="${action}"/>
<ant dir="pig-connector" target="${action}"/>
<antcall target="executeOnSqueal">
<param name="action" value="${action}"/>
<target name="executeOnSqueal" if="ispig07">
<ant dir="squeal" target="${action}"/>
<target name="doc"
description="Generate Javadocs for ALL modules">
<antcall target="executeRecursively">
<param name="action" value="doc"/>
<target name="jar"
description="Compile JARs for ALL modules">
<antcall target="executeRecursively">
<param name="action" value="jar"/>
<target name="clean">
<antcall target="executeRecursively">
<param name="action" value="clean"/>
<target name="hadoop-connector"
description="Compile JAR for Hadoop/Vertica Connector">
<ant dir="hadoop-connector" target="jar"/>
<target name="hadoop-example" depends="hadoop-connector"
description="Compile JAR for an example that uses Hadoop/Vertica Connector">
<ant dir="hadoop-example" target="jar"/>
<target name="pig-connector"
description="Compile JAR for Pig/Vertica Connector">
<ant dir="pig-connector" target="jar"/>
<target name="squeal" if="ispig07">
<ant dir="squeal" target="jar"/>
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