The worlds simplest CMS, using a google doc as a database / backend, and tabletop.js + handlebars.js as a frontend.
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cmsish is the most simple CMS in the world. Demo:

Step 1: Create a google spreadsheet and enter some data. Select "File / Publish to the web" and copy the url in the pop-up.


Step 2: Include cmsish.min.js in your project (found in dist/cmsish.min.js).

<script src="cmsish.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Step 3: In your HTML, wrap your content in handlebars script tags. Include a data attribute with the URL to your spreadsheet.

  <script id="entry-template" type="text/x-handlebars-template" data-spreadsheet-url="ADD_YOUR_GOOGLE_SPREADSHEET_URL_HERE">
    <!-- All your HTML goes between these script tags -->

    <!-- Stop your HTML now -->

Step 4: Add content from the spreadsheet to your template with handlebars expressions. Handlebars expressions look like this: {{ title }}

Make your expressions by combining the spreadsheet sheet name and column name, separated by a period: {{sheet-name.column-name}}. Replace spaces with dashes, but leave the case the same as in your spreadsheet.

For example:

  <script id="entry-template" type="text/x-handlebars-template">
    <!-- All your HTML goes between these script tags -->


    <!-- Stop your HTML now -->

Other options:

Initiate cmsish in JS instead of with a data-spreadsheet-url attribute:

<script type="text/javascript">
  var myCms = new cmsish.init('GOOGLE_SPREADSHEET_URL');

Loop through a collection.

To make a collection, create a new sheet, and add multiple rows for each column.


Loop through a collection with the #each helper, using the name of the sheet as the collection name:

{{#each Posts}}
    <p>Post title: {{Title}}</p>
    <p>Post author: {{Author}}</p>
    <p>Post subtitle: {{Subtitle}}</p>
    <p>Post main content: {{Main-Content}}</p>
    <p>Post testimonial: {{Testimonial}}</p>
    <img src="{{{Image}}}" />

Access a single row of a collection by referring to it's index. Posts are zero indexed, so the first one is 0, the second 1, etc

Post title for post #2: {{Posts.1.Title}}