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Instrumentation catalog for the APEX-Toolkit.


assetname / provider-package-name / version /


tomcat / io.verticle.apex.tomcat / 8.5.6

Using the repo

Fork or clone it and point your APEX Collector to that repository.

Enhancing the repo

Enhance it and share your configurations with others. Please create pull requests accordingly.

See section "Contributing"

About the APEX-Toolkit

APEX extracts contextual data and metrics directly from your Java application.

It helps getting better visibility and understanding of what is happening in the software products' application layer during runtime. Designed to accelerate application analytics, debugging and monitoring.

APEX subprojects

Please visit the APEX-Toolkit Site and check out the docs for details.


We are happy to receive PRs for the instrumentation repository. If you find bugs or ideas for enhancements please use the issue tracker.