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=== 0.2.8 / 2010-06-22
pik will now install new rubies to %USERPROFILE%\rubies\, instead of %PIK_BIN%\pik\ this was necessary to all for installation into %PROGRAMFILES% dir. If you'd like to keep the old path, run:
>pik config install_dir=C:\path\to\pik
* fixed bug in 'devkit update' - gcc.bat file was writing to/overwriting sh.bat
* added support for powershell
* added support for Git Bash
* it is now possible to install pik to %PROGRAMFILES%
=== 0.2.7 / 2010-06-15
* cleaner list output
* pik switch/use is no longer case sensitive
'>pik iron' vice '>pik Iron'
* created devkit implmentation (pik install devkit)
* created devkit update command (pik devkit update) creates batch files if you install
a newer version of ruby after devkit.
* added devkit config option, if you already have it installed:
>pik config devkit=c:\ruby\devkit
>pik devkit update
* fixed Implementations::IronRuby to catch newer versions, and ignore ipy packages
* improved pik_install instructions
* pik_install displays usage message when no argument is given
* fixed some bugs in info command
* fixed pik.bat to run in tcc/le
* removed RubyGems dependency ( the executable was causing weird errors with plugins)
* fixed Implementations::Ruby to catch RC1 7z files
* fixed regression in version option
=== 0.2.6 / 2009-11-08
* deprecated checkup command in favor of info command
* added info command
* added benchmark command
* fixes to gemsync command
* don't need to be admin to run pik default
* added update command
* gemsync command - platform aware - remote option - quiet option
=== 0.2.5 / 2009-10-29
* use upx (http://upx.sf.net/) to compress pik_runner.exe
* fixes uninstall story so it doesn't conflict with other stories
* bugfix in uninstall command
* made all prompts default to 'yes'. bugfix:interactive add would prompt for jruby\bin dirs twice because of the existence of jruby.exe and jruby.bat
* fixed downloading of seven_zip error
* uninstall command
* fixes bug in BatchFileEditor#switch_path_to
* switched to HPricot for package searches, requires rubygems and exerb-mingw - closes gh-30
=== 0.2.4 / 2009-10-28
* added rake command
* added cucumber story for rake command, refactor of run path switching, added irake.bat as a rake executable for ironruby
* fix to compile zlib1.dll into pik_runner.exe. closes gh-29 Thanks, Luis Lavena and, Roger Pack
* fixed homepage in gemspec for gemcutter.org
=== 0.2.3 / 2009-10-25
* install command improvements - better error message on unrecognized implementation, better version picking, better directory naming, renamed some variables to be more concise (not everything is a version - implementations have versions, and versions have packages)
* added remote option to list command
* better error message when a version was deleted, but not removed from the config. Thanks Roger Pack
* bugfix: run/gem/ruby command hangs when waiting for input. Thanks Roger Pack
* renamed tools/pik.exe to pik_runner.exe to minimize confusion/conflicts. Thanks Luis Lavena
* Upgraded to exerb 0.4.4. Thanks Alexey Borzenkov
* Added documentation for tags commands. Thanks Luis Lavena
* 'pik tags' with no options will display the help docs, instead of throwing a cryptic error.
* Added docs for ruby and gem command. Improved docs for run command
=== 0.2.2 / 2009-10-20
* Pik::Command#get_version now handles paths with spaces. Thanks to Dominic Sisneros and Vassilis Rizopoulos
* All Cucumber scenarios are run against 'C:\temp\path with spaces' instead of 'C:\temp'
* Added :rebuild task as a dependency to :package task, so that the executable gets rebuilt on packaging. Thanks, skim.
=== 0.2.1 / 2009-10-19
* bugfix - path to pik could have spaces - thanks, Dominic Sisneros
* update install instructions
=== 0.2.0 / 2009-10-18
* pik is now an exerb compiled executable, and must be installed to a location that is in the system path, but is
seperate from ruby
* added pik_install command
* added support for IronRuby and Jruby
* added install command to install new Ruby versions
* added tag and tags command
* added cucumber functional tests
* updated gem post-install message
* changed pik run to run in ruby instead of in a batch file.
* Added pik ruby and pik gem commands.
=== 0.1.1 / 2009-09-25
* add rubyforge info to README
* Fixes bug in add command that wouldn't allow you to add - GH-13
=== 0.1.0 / 2009-09-24
* removed jruby support for the time being (lack of win32ole is a problem)
* added more helpful messages to pik add
* renamed gemdup to gemsync. fixed the code up a bit
* added default and implode commands, shortcuts for switch, more specs, lots of refactors
* removed add_gem_home command. GEM_HOME can be configured with pik config
* change remove 'force' to 'quiet'
* added simpler switch semantics (`pik 191 p243` instead of `pik switch 191 p243`)
* added gemdup command
* option parsing is now done with optparse and not a regex
* rewrote pik to use classes for each command in the hopes that my code would be easier to read
* Added post install instructions - issue 5. Switched to Hoe.spec for Hoe compatibility. added Hoe-git plugin.
* added verbose output and current version specifier to 'list'
* added 'use' as an alias for 'switch'
* cleaner method of remvoving .pik/pik batch file, fixed some long lines
=== 0.0.3 / 2009-06-10
* added 'add_gem_home' command
due to changes in the config, you'll have to delete your "%HOME%\.pik\config.yml" and recreate it.
* don't use GEM_HOME on XP with rubygems 1.3.4, wait for 1.3.5, or point them to a path without spaces.
=== 0.0.2 / 2009-06-02
* several minor enhancements
*updated help messages
*updated readme
*some formatting of output
=== 0.0.1 / 2009-06-02
* 1 major enhancement
* Birthday!