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require 'rubygems'
require 'rbconfig'
# I couldn't get hoe-isolate plugin to work
# require order problem, perhaps?
require 'isolate/now'
require 'isolate/lockdown'
require 'hoe'
Hoe.plugin :git
require 'pik'
Hoe.spec('pik') do
developer('Gordon Thiesfeld', '')
self.need_tar = false
self.readme_file = 'README.rdoc'
self.post_install_message =<<-PIM
* If you're upgrading from a version <= 0.1.1, you'll want to delete the
pik.bat file from all of your ruby versions. Gem uninstall should do the
* Install pik to a location that's in your path, but someplace other than
your ruby\\bin dir If you're upgrading from a more recent version,
pik_install will overwrite the older files as needed.
>pik_install C:\\tools
require 'tasks/common'
require 'tasks/package'
require 'tasks/build'
require 'tasks/cucumber'