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@@ -33,17 +33,20 @@ It also supports running commands/code with all versions configured.
add Adds another ruby location to pik.
checkup|cu Checks your environment for current Ruby best practices.
config Adds/modifies configuration options.
- default switches back to the default settings
+ default Switches back to the default settings.
gem Runs the gem command with all versions that pik is aware of.
gemsync Duplicates gems from the current version to the one specified.
help Displays help information.
implode Removes your pik configuration.
+ install|in Downloads and installs different ruby versions.
list|ls Lists ruby versions that pik is aware of.
remove|rm Removes a ruby location from pik.
ruby|rb Runs ruby with all versions that pik is aware of.
run Runs command with all versions of ruby that pik is aware of.
switch|sw|use Switches ruby versions based on patterns.
+ tag Adds the given tag to the current version.
+ tags Runs the pik command against the given tags.
For help on a particular command, use 'pik help COMMAND'.

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