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Until pik 0.2.7 included, the user home (where .pik lives) was set by the HOME environment variable, if available. Otherwise USERPROFILE was used as a fallback. This is consistent with most other programs coming from ruby/unix (gems, irb, msysgit, etc.).

I use this to have a Unix-like home separate from /Users/MyName, say /home/myname, so /Users/MyName contains windows stuff, and /home/myname contains unix stuff.

In pik 0.2.8, only USERPROFILE is used : could you please revert to the previous "standard" behavior?

Also, this would allow solving issue 109 (utf8 user name).

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koppor commented Apr 3, 2012

In pik 0.3.0.pre, pik requires HOME to be set. "pik install jruby" works without "HOME", but "pik use jruby" has no effekt if HOME is not set.

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