Cachecoin reloaded. Proof of work, stake & node.
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Cachecoin official development tree

Cachecoin is a hybrid Scrypt-Jane-Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Node. It was originally developed by kalgecin and taken over by vertoe due to a lack of time to spend on this project by kal.

Note: The user kalgecin on bitcointalk was compromized but he is still active here on github and has write access to this repository.

Note: vertoe is in no way related or associated with Fibonacci. Jasin Lee is officially an idiot and can't damage this project.

  • Scrypt-Jane-based coin
  • No ASIC miners
  • Difficulty adjustment every block.
  • Difficulty Adjustment algorithm: Logarithmic
  • Block Maturity: 520 Confirms
  • Transaction Maturity: 6 Confirmations
  • Maximum of ~2 Billion coins per transaction.
  • RPCPort: 2224
  • Network Port: 2225


  • Uses Scrypt-Kal Proof-of-Work chacha20/8 (N,1,1) hashing algorithm.
  • N increases over time to increase memory requirements.
  • 15 minute Proof-of-Work block targets.
  • The Proof-of-Work subsidy decreases as difficulty increases.
  • Maximum Proof-of-Work reward is 100 coins.


  • Active Proof-of-Stake mining.
  • Coins per annum 10% maximum.
  • Coin age to stake: 7 days.


  • Generating coins while providing a full node service.
  • To be released, details soon (tm).


Try to reach vertoe over at

Here is the current [ANN]

Report issues here:


The old compromized [ANN]-Thread by kalgecin is this one: