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Modular audio visualization toolkit for revolutionary, collaborative audio vis.
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verum visu toolkit

verum visu (Latin for true to see) is a project applying modular design to the process of audio visualization, allowing for fully customizable, rich visualizations that can utilize multiple languages or applications.

The verum visu Toolkit defines audio visualization as a process using three pieces of software:

  1. Spectral Analyzer
    analyzes audio for frequency data

  2. Visualizer

  3. Video Renderer
    creates a video file by the frames

The Spectral Analyzer and Video Renderer are the tools in the toolkit. The Visualizer is a step created by you or someone else in the verum visu community, and that is what actually defines the relationship between the audio and the visuals.


The Visualizer is actually two applications:

  1. Interpreter
    creates visualization data from the frequency data as input (using algorithms /neural networks)

  2. Director
    creates draw commands from the visualization data as input

The Interpreter could be written in any language—it just needs to be able to read and write JSON files.

This toolkit exists so that you can experiment with audio visualization without paying any attention to the technical aspects of spectral analysis and video rendering. It allows you to streamline the process of visualization since you only need to create a Visualizer, which defines everything about your visualization.

(8.26.17) Everything is at an extremely early stage!

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