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A game about a duck that goes on an adventure. Play on Twitter by interacting with @duck_trails. You can only contribute when the most recent tweet ends with a list of options.

Made by members of Very Scary Scenario for Global Game Jam 2018.

I want to play locally

It's more sporting to play with others on the canonical verion, but you can play locally if you like. If you're running macOS or Linux and are comfortable with developing Python locally, though, here is how to play on the command line:

  • Clone and cd to this repository
  • Make a Python 3.5 or 3.6 virtualenv
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • make a file called containing GOOGLE_API_KEY = '[your api key]', where [your api key] is a Google API key with access to the Google Static Maps API, the Google Stret View Image API, and the Google Maps Directions API.
  • run python

Sometimes, when you run python, the game will advance on its own. Sometimes, though, the duck will ask a question. You can respond by providing your answer as an argument on your next call: python quack.

If you want to run the Twitter version, you'll need to extend your with Twitter API keys. Mine looks like this:

GOOGLE_API_KEY = '[redacted]'
    'consumer_key': '[redacted]',
    'consumer_secret': '[redacted]',
    'access_token': '[redacted]',
    'access_token_secret': '[redacted]',

Once you've got that all set up, set up python to run every minute or so, and you're good.


Duck is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.


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