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Relocaliser 3000™

An extremely difficult-to-speedrun entry to GAMES MADE QUICK???.

Playing on Twitter

When a game starts, @relocaliser posts a recursively translated game name. You play by replying to the most recent one of these with what you think the actual game name is. If you are correct, your answer will be retweeted and a new game will start.

Answers are case-insensitive, but punctuation should be correct. Game names are taken at random from Giant Bomb's wiki, so if you're struggling with what variation of the name of a game to use, consult their database.

Games end when someone gets the answer right, or when a guess is submitted more than an hour after the clue was posted.

Playing locally (or making your own frontend)

This is more complicated. You'll need to get Yandex Translate and Giant Bomb API keys, and put them into a file alongside the other files in your local version. You should format it like this:

yandex_translate = 'your yandex translate api key'
giantbomb = 'your giant bomb api key'

A prototype for this file can be found in (If you only want to play locally, you can ignore the Twitter-related lines.)

You'll then need to cd to your cloned repository and run pip3 install -r requirements.txt. Then, you should be able to play the game on the command line by running python3

If you want to write another frontend, you should be able to import everything you need from

Running the twitter bot

I recommend you make sure you can play locally before you do this, but once you have, make yourself a Twitter app and add something resembling the following to your

consumer_key = 'consumer key'
consumer_secret = 'consumer secret'
access_token = 'access token'
access_token_secret = 'access token secret'

Then, run python3 to run a single game. On my server, I have while :; do python; sleep 10; done running in a tmux session, to automatically have a new game begin after one ends.


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