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ESP RGBWW Firmware

Firmware for RGBWW controller

This repository provides an open-source firmware for ESP8266-based RGBWWCW controllers (up to 5 channels). The firmware is based on Sming (

This firmware is a fork of Patrick Jahns original firmware ( Thanks for founding it!

General Notes

This is a firmware modification based on the great RGBWWLed firmware from Patrick Jahns ( Big thanks to Patrick for his work.

The firmware has generic APIs and can be integrated into various systems. For the home automation system FHEM a device module is readily available:


  • Smooth and programmable on-board fades and animations
  • Independent animation channels
  • Suitable for different PCBs (easily configurable by config options)
  • Highly configurable
  • Various network communication options: HTTP - MQTT - TCP (events only)
  • Highly accurate synchronization of multiple controllers
  • [Easy setup and configuration via a feature rich webapplication]
  • [OTA updates]
  • [Simple JSON API for configuration]
  • Security (change default AP password and Password for accessing API endpoints)
  • Hardware push button support

Advanced Color Control

  • Relative commands (+/- xxx)
  • Command requeuing (enabling animation loops)
  • Pausing and continuing of animations
  • Independent color channels (e.g. send command to hue channel without affecting other channels)
  • Multiple commands in a single request
  • Different queue policies for animation commands
  • Instant blink commands
  • Ramp speed - ramp timing can be specified as ramp speed instead of just ramp time


Initially the firmware has to be flashed using a serial flasher (e.g. esptool, refer to the Wiki for details). Further updates can be installed using the OTA update method (using the web interface).

Precompiled binaries are provided via GitHub. It is also possible to compile the firmware images yourself. For more information and instructions please see the Wiki

OTA Updates

There are 2 different update channels available. The firmware can be updates using these update URLs.

Available channels:



Make sure to only use HTTPS protocol!


Most information about installation (flashing), setup and usage guides are provided via the Wiki