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ClojureScript One

We think that ClojureScript is amazing and that it provides endless possibilities for making web development much more fun. To realize these possibilities, we need your help. Someone has to do the work to turn the possible into reality.

We think that the best way to convince you to help us is to allow you to experience the wonder of ClojureScript development for yourself. The purpose of this project is to help you get started with ClojureScript as smoothly and quickly as possible and to set you up with an excellent working environment.

Getting started means many things. We often forget how much we need to know to be comfortable in a programming environment. How do we organize code? How do we test? What is the most productive workflow? How do we deploy our application? We will attempt to answer all of these questions and provide working examples.

The project includes a working sample application, useful tools, and libraries in various states of development. Many of the libraries in the project will eventually mature and become their own projects. The process of creating good libraries and frameworks takes time and experience. Instead of waiting until they are finished, we thought it would be better to show you now. Once you see the potential, we know that you will want to join in and help.

What's here

This project will help you lean how to:

  • use ClojureScript tools and other Clojure libraries to create a productive development environment
  • effectively work with the ClojureScript tools
  • organize your code
  • keep visual design activities separate from application code
  • run ClojureScript (in a remote JavaScript environment) from Clojure
  • test ClojureScript using any Clojure test framework
  • structure a ClojureScript application
  • use Clojure data to talk to a Clojure service
  • build and deploy to Heroku
  • work with ClojureScript dependencies

Is this a library or a framework?

ClojureScript One is hard to classify. It is not a library or a framework. It is more like a classroom, a laboratory or a starter kit. Frameworks limit you to a specific way of thinking. Libraries attempt to do something for you. We hope that this project will help you to think of things that no one has ever thought of and empower you to do things that you may not have thought possible. But most of all, we hope that it will show you how much fun web development can be in ClojureScript.

The intended use of the project is:

  1. Get all the tools running
  2. Read through the wiki, running all the examples
  3. Fire up a browser-connected REPL and explore the sample application
  4. Use this project as a starting point for your own applications
  5. Contribute what you have learned back to this project

Getting started

You will need to have Java, lein and git installed. Execute the following commands to install and run One:

git clone
cd one
lein bootstrap
lein repl

At the REPL prompt which appears, type (go). Your browser will launch and navigate to the running application.

Once you have this running, see the wiki and the website for more information.

Getting an exception when you run lein repl?

If you get an exception when you run lein repl, try this workaround.

Getting Help

The best place to get help is on the Clojure Mailing List. You can also log issues in the project issue tracker.


ClojureScript One welcomes help from the community in the form of pull requests, bug reports, wiki updates, and hugs. If you wish to contribute code, please read How We Work. In particular, note that pull requests should target the pull-requests branch, not master.

Known Issues

  • ClojureScript One supports developing under Windows if you are using Chrome, Firefox, or IE9. Versions of Internet Explorer previous to 9 are not supported at this time.
  • Everything on the project issues list.

One last rant

ClojureScript is designed to make client-service applications. Traditional web applications run mostly on a server with a small amount of UI code running on the client. The problem with this kind of application is that there is a big giant network right in the middle of your application. We have learned how to deal with this so well that we actually think this is a good way to write software. There are many applications for which this is a good approach. But there are also many applications which would be better as client-service applications where the entire application runs in the client and uses backend services which can easily be thought of as other applications.

The reason we haven't used the right tool for the job in the past is because it was much harder than it should have been. For Clojure developers, ClojureScript has changed this. ClojureScript allows us to write very large applications that run on any JavaScript platform. Not only can we do it, but the experience is better than any other environment can offer, even JavaScript.

ClojureScript allows us to connect to and modify running applications, communicate with the server using only Clojure data, run ClojureScript code in the browser from the server, use protocols to make existing JavaScript play nice and much, much more.


Copyright © 2012 Brenton Ashworth and Relevance, Inc

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure uses. See the file COPYING.