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Lazy Susan

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A framework for quickly building Amazon Alexa applications

Development Recommendations

We highly recommend that you start with one of the example applications. This will have the environment already setup and configured with everything that you will need to be able to develop an Alexa skill. Each of these forms also contains their own read me outlining how to deploy the application and then modify it. The sky is the limit.

Development Dependencies

You will need to install Docker, if you are on a mac we recommend using the Docker for Mac application, and the cmake command line utility. From there, each example application will have everything else covered.


Sample applications are included in the examples folder and contain their own read me files with directions.

The dad joke example is for an application that does not have session storage and always executes a random path.

The dad joke 2 example is an example of an application that has local session storage and will not repeat the same joke back to back times. This will demonstrate how you can use state in your application to build a full fledged application.

The age example is an example application that demonstrates returning dynamically generated content to be spoken by the alexa enabled device. This could also be used to read data directly from an external API. This example also demonstrates how to setup the application to use DynamoDB for session storage and how to set and retrieve values from DynamoDB.


Python package for authoring Amazon Alexa Skills




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