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Factory builder for Mongoose & Seed
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Seed Forge

Seed Forge is a powerful factory builder for Seed and Mongoose


Public methods

var define     = require('seed-forge').define;
var list       = require('seed-forge').list;
var build      = require('seed-forge').build;
var factory    = require('seed-forge').factory;
var attributes = require('seed-forge').attributes;

Define a factory

  .set('name', 'Name')
  .set('url', function () {
    return '';
  .set('eyes.left', 'blue')
  .set('eyes.right', 'green')
  .set('email', function (n) {
    return 'example' + n + ''
  .set('age', 33)
  .set('admin', false);


define('Admin', User)
  .set('age', 44)
  .set('admin', true)
  .set('disabled', false);

define('DisabledAdmin', User)
  .set('disabled', true);

Create a record from factory

factory('User', fn);
factory('User', { override: 'attributes' }, fn);

Create multiple records

list('User', 10, fn); // Will create 10 users.

Build a record, without saving it

var user = build('User');
var user = build('User', { override: 'attributes' });

Use hooks for creating relationships

define('Account', Account)
  .hook('pre:save', function(obj, next) {
    if (!obj.get('owner')) { // if (!obj.owner) {
      factory('User', function(err, user) {
        if (err) return next(err);
        obj.set('owner', user);
    } else {

Get model attributes from a factory

var attrs = attributes('User');


$ npm install seed-forge


MIT License

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