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@jude-zhu jude-zhu released this Aug 14, 2019 · 29 commits to master since this release

Storage Engine

  • Support cluster deployment
  • Add raft and support scheduling Raft leader
  • Support HBase in storage engines
  • Support importing data from HDFS


  • Support comment syntax
  • Support creating space with default options, showing space and dropping space
  • Support describing and listing tags and edge types
  • Support DISTINCT statement to return only distinct values
  • Support FETCH statement to get the given vertex's tag properties
  • Support variable/pipe reference in WHERE and YIELD
  • Support inserting multiple tags or edges
  • Support arithmetic and logical computation in YIELD and WHERE
  • Support ORDER BY statement to sort the result set
  • Support CRUD hosts


  • Add User Manual
  • Add Home Page


  • Java importer - To load data from CSV file
  • package_build - To support multiple Linux release
  • A perf tool for storage service to implement the stress test
  • Console supports keyword auto-completion


  • $$[tag].prop is changed to $$.tag.prop
  • Refactor nebula.service script to start/stop service
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@darionyaphet darionyaphet released this May 14, 2019 · 206 commits to master since this release

This is the first release of Nebula Graph, a brand new, fast and distributed graph database.

Available Features

  • Physical data isolation with Graph Space
  • Strongly typed schema support
  • Vertices and edges insertion
  • Graph traversal(the GO statement)
  • Variable definition and reference
  • Piping query result between statements
  • Client API in C++, Golang and Java

Features Coming Soon

  • Raft support
  • Query based on secondary index(the LOOKUP statement)
  • Sub-graph retrieval(the MATCH statement)
  • User defined function call
  • User management

Try Out

A Docker image is available for trial purpose. You can get it by following the guide here.

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