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Vespa basic search example on Docker Swarm

Please refer to Vespa quick start using Docker for more information on the basic single container example.

This example assumes that a Docker Swarm is up and running and that you have console access to one of the masters.

Play with Docker is a free service that will provide a Docker Swarm cluster if you do not have access to one. To create Swarm, hit the green start button, click on the wrench in the top left and choose one of the templates. This should give you 5 nodes.

The example below needs to be executed on one of the master nodes.

Executable example

Check-out the example repository:

$ git clone https://github.com/vespa-engine/sample-apps.git
$ export VESPA_SAMPLE_APP=`pwd`/sample-apps/basic-search-on-docker-swarm

Deploy the Vespa stack:

$ docker stack deploy -c $VESPA_SAMPLE_APP/docker-compose.yml vespa

Wait for successful deployment of the stack:

$ $VESPA_SAMPLE_APP/scripts/wait_until_all_stack_services_running.sh

Generate the hosts.xml file based on running containers:

$ $VESPA_SAMPLE_APP/scripts/generate_hosts_xml.sh | tee $VESPA_SAMPLE_APP/src/main/application/hosts.xml

Wait for the configuration server to start (should return 200 OK):

$ curl -s --head $(hostname):19071/ApplicationStatus

Deploy the application:

$ $VESPA_SAMPLE_APP/scripts/deploy.sh

Wait for the application to start (should return 200 OK):

$ curl -s --head http://$(hostname):8080/ApplicationStatus

Feed data to the application:

$ $VESPA_SAMPLE_APP/scripts/feed.sh

Do a search:

$ curl -s "http://$(hostname):8080/search/?query=michael" | python -m json.tool

Congratulations. You have now deployed and tested a Vespa application on a multinode cluster. After you have finished testing the Vespa appplication excute the following step to delete the services:

$ docker stack rm vespa