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An Objective C wrapper implementation of Discogs Api

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This is a Discogs api wrapper written in objective c.

The library is in the form of code drop-in, just copy in your project structure and drag/add to Xcode.

The library requires JSONKit lib to compile and work.

The main api entry point is DiscoGsApi that exposes all the basic api functions.

	- (GSSearch*)           Search:(NSString*)searchstring;
	- (GSSearch*)           SearchReleases:(NSString*)searchstring;
	- (GSSearch*)           SearchArtists:(NSString*)searchstring;
	- (GSSearch*)           SearchLabels:(NSString*)searchstring;

	- (NSImage *)           GetImage:(NSString *)imagepath;

	- (GSRelease *)         GetRelease:(NSString *)releaseid;
	- (GSMasterRelease *)   GetMasterRelease:(NSString *)masterid;
	- (GSArtist *)          GetArtist:(NSString *)artistname withReleases:(BOOL)releases;
	- (GSLabel *)           GetLabel:(NSString *)labelname withReleases:(BOOL)releases;

if you use this software add credits about the author (Diego Trinciarelli).
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